#SportBits … The Curious Case of NFL Kicker Josh Brown


Another day, another sexual abuse case in the NFL. Like school shootings and #Trumpisms, I’m becoming numb to it.

Here is the latest:

NY Giants’ kicker Josh Brown was arrested, but not charged, in May 2015 for domestic violence against his wife Molly Brown.

He was initially suspended for the 2016 season opener. He was then placed the Commissioner’s exempt list (paid leave) after a police report showed that Brown admittedto physical, verbal and emotional abuse in letters, emails and journals. FINALLY, of October 25th, he has been released from the team. It took long enough.

Remember how Patriots QB Tom Brady received a four-game suspension because he was “generally aware” of deflating footballs before the 2014 AFC title game? Well, Josh Brown received a one-game suspension after a domestic violence arrest, put on paid leave a year later and finally released from the team.

It’s worth noting that the NFL did not have the police reports when they made their initial decision to suspend Brown.  WHY NOT? I don’t understand – but that’s another article.

They were aware, however, of a 2013 “Contract for Change” signed by Brown, his wife and a counselor stating that Brown had physically, verbally and emotionally abused his wife. They also knew of an incident at this year’s pro-bowl in Hawaii where Molly Brown and her children had to be moved to another hotel after Brown was led away by security after he showed up “drunk and pounding on the door” of the couple’s room.

Yup, Brown sat out one game without pay for his domestic abuse arrest – and was re-signed by the team during the offseason to a two-year, $4 million deal.

Giants’ co-owner John Mara said in August:

“I believe all the facts and circumstances, and we were comfortable with our decision to re-sign him.”  ~John Mara

Mara added this insensitive remark after the police report was released:

“He admitted to us he’d abused his wife in the past. What’s a little unclear is the extent of that.” ~John Mara

LORD HAVE MERCY! What exactly is the threshold for abuse Mr. Mara?

Two years ago, after the Ray Rice scandal, Commissioner Roger Goodell promised, “we will do better” regarding abuse cases. The League issued a new policy in 2014 implementing a six-game suspension for domestic violence cases and hired three female advisers to assist on these issues.

So why do they keep getting it wrong?  And why don’t players speak out? Tom Brady, probably THE face of the NFL, has stayed mum regarding the Brown case.

“Obviously, there is a lot of controversy with that. I’m trying to stay out of all that. I will let them handle it. ~ Tom Brady

Ugh.  So, while players continue to be fined for celebrating in the end zone, Josh Brown will receive his salary of $1.5million for admitting to abusing his wife.

Awesome. Way to go NFL.


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