#SportBits … Columbia University Suspends Men’s Wrestling Season Over “Lewd Texts”


What the heck is going on in our country? Have we all lost our minds!!???

On Monday, the New York Times reported that Columbia University has suspended its wrestling team while it investigates “racist, misogynistic and homophobic” text messages between team members.

This on the heels of Harvard, another Ivy League institution, canceling its men’s soccer season earlier this month when school officials found out that players had been making lewd rankings of women players for years.

The decision to suspend the Columbia wrestling team came after the student-run website, BWOG, published several text messages dating back to 2014 between teammates that contained jokes about rape and the use of racist, homophobic, and sexist slurs and comments.

The university released a statement saying the athletic department “has decided that Columbia wrestlers will not compete until we have a full understanding of the facts on which to base the official response to this disturbing matter.” But a university official also told the New York Times that the team was still practicing, leaving open the possibility the season would continue after the investigation concludes.

Over the weekend, Columbia students held protests on campus outside the fraternity house where several wrestlers are members. A Change.org petition calling for the expulsion of wrestlers had over 1000 supporters as of Tuesday evening.

Many students on campus were encouraged by the university’s quick response and investigation into the texts. The school’s statement called the language used “appalling” and said they were “at odds with the core values of the university, violate team guidelines and have no place in our community.”

This behavior and thought process goes beyond my #FrontalLobeTheory where young men and women do stupid things because their frontal lobe/reasonable-decision-making-part of their brain is not fully developed (ex. Jose Fernandez). I don’t understand how anyone could think that jokes about rape or hateful comments about race or sexual preferences are funny. But to then put it in writing for all to see – JUST PLAIN STUPID. Ignorance AND stupidity, not what you want or expect to see from today’s younger generation.

But we are living in a listicle society where we comment and rank everything, whether it be on Tinder, Buzzfeed, or Yelp, so I shouldn’t be so surprised … but I am … and I’m worried that our President-Elect has helped to normalize this behavior.

We’d better get our friggin’ act together, people.

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