#SportBits’ 5 Guaranteed Tips For Surviving Your College Reunion


Hi, y’all.

I’m sporting that southern twang because I just got back from my college reunion in Nashville, Tennessee.

It was the first #Vandy reunion I had attended since I graduated in 1986. So if you’re doing the math, that’s my 30th. Damn.  I decided it was time to bite the bullet and head cross-country to try to reconnect with friends I hadn’t seen in years.  Who knows, maybe one of them is now head of NBC Sports and could help me with #SportBits!

Living in Southern California was always my excuse: it’s too far to travel for the weekend; I can’t leave the kids; I’ve got to wash my car. #lame  It was always something. Well, I’m really glad I made the effort.

I returned home with no voice, a few business cards, and lots of funny memories from an awesome weekend with old (and new) friends.  And because I’m such a giver, I’m going to share with you some of my reunion wisdom should you be heading to your school gathering anytime soon:

1. Ibuprofen – bring lots of it. Whether you’re walking miles around campus or drinking lots of wine (or both!), the aches and pains will need to be addressed EVERY morning. #advil
2. Some killer heels and comfy shoes. Must wear those heels and tight jeans for the official gathering in order to make a statement. As we say in Los Angeles, it’s all how you look! #sorrynotsorry. You must then immediately change into comfy shoes (mine were black checkered Vans) for all the after-parties.
3. Earplugs – all my after-parties involved music (I mean we were in Nashville for Pete’s sake) and those small bars with loud music were WAY more enjoyable with the plugs. Just make sure they aren’t a bright color so they don’t stick out and make you look REALLY old!
4. Take some time to look through your senior yearbook to familiarize yourself with folks. Yes, there are name-tags (thank God) but it’s really helpful to peruse your senior class pictures so you’re not TOTALLY in the dark.
5. Thank you notes: surely there is someone in town who hosted a party, bought you drinks or maybe even let you stay at their house. So, have some manners and send them a note to say “Thank you.” Letter writing – it’s a lost art and it will be appreciated.

It goes without saying you need that one outfit that you feel great in (mine was drop -crotch Citizen cargo pants with a J. Crew blazer) which will mostly likely need to go from one event to the next. So take plenty of time to try on different options to find the one that gives you confidence. Use that confidence to make a splash and reconnect with your classmates.  You never know what can come of it. #winkwink

After all, what happens at reunions, STAYS at reunions.

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