Knicks open to trading Carmelo Anthony to Clippers



Just two weeks ago Carmelo Anthony went public with his desire to remain a Knick and stay in New York. He made it very clear he had no interest in waiving his no-trade clause.

Well, a lot can happen in two weeks and it now seems a trade is imminent.

Knicks president Phil Jackson seems determined to find a new home and a deal that Anthony would accept before the February 23rd trade deadline.

According to several reports, the Clippers and Knicks are discussing a deal that would bring Anthony to Los Angeles.

But don’t panic Clipper fans – the deal does NOT include any of the big three: Chris Paul, Blake Griffin or DeAndre Jordan.

Big sigh of relief.

Talks of the Clipper trade come a day after Jackson offered up Anthony to the Cavaliers for Kevin Love. This would be a no-brainer for ‘Melo considering his close friendship to LeBron and his desire for a ring.

But the Cavs turned it down and will probably have to deal with an unhappy LeBron who tweeted several times this week that he needs management to find him a playmaker, stat.

E01628846nter the Clippers – another organization Anthony would agree to. He owns a home in Los Angeles and is close friends with Paul.


But he comes at a price for both organizations. Besides the no-movement clause, his five-year $124million contract signed in 2014 also has a 15% trade-bonus the Knicks would owe him.

Thankfully, Blake Griffin is off the table due to random rule in the Collective Bargaining agreement that states that a team cannot have two Designated Rookie extensions on the roster acquired via trade at one time.

I would imagine the Clippers want to keep DeAndre even though, in my opinion, his game is very one-dimensional these days, and his foul shooting is atrocious. But he’s probably the most physically gifted player in the league.

So that leaves 24-year-old guard Austin Rivers, who is averaging a career-high 11.9 points a game, veteran guard JJ Reddick, who becomes a free agent this summer, and super sixth man Jamal Crawford, who signed a three-year, $42 million deal last summer.

While I am a huge Carmelo fan, at 32 years old, he, like his pals Dwayne Wade, Chris Paul and LeBron, isn’t getting any younger. So I understand Jackson’s wanting to trade either Anthony or Derrick Rose to try and rebuild a younger team around their superstar Kristaps Porzinis.

What do you think? Should the Clippers try and deal for Carmelo? Leave a comment below.

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