#SportBits … Super Bowl 51 Recap


Well, if I learned anything from watching Super Bowl 51 last night, it’s that no matter how bad something is going, things can ALWAYS turn around.


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots couldn’t have played a worse first half in yesterday’s Super Bowl. He seemed rattled. He had constant pressure from the Falcons defense and his throws throws were way off target.

It was not the Tom Brady were accustomed to watching.

The Atlanta Falcons completely dominated the first half of play: causing a fumble, intercepting a Brady pass, and building a halftime score of 21-3.

I’m not sure what happened in the Patriot locker room at the half.

Maybe they were inspired by Lady Gaga’s electric halftime show. Or perhaps they said to themselves, “We are the effin NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – winners of FOUR Super Bowls.”

Or maybe it was Coach Bill Belichick telling them that 21 points were not enough to beat them.

The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history didn’t begin until the score reached 28-12. That’s when Falcons QB Matt Ryan was sacked on his own 25 yard line and fumbled the ball.

It was the first time the Falcons had turned the ball over in this postseason.

That was the spark that Tom Brady needed.

Following the turnover, Brady found Danny Amendola for a 6-yard touchdown pass with 5:56 left. And after the two-point conversion, it was an eight-point game.

Atlanta could score on their next possession and had to punt giving the Patriots time for one final drive to force overtime.

This is what Tom Brady lives for.

His push down the field included one of the best catches in Super Bowl history. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman managed to fight off three Atlanta defenders, going through the legs of one of them, to scoop up the ball before it hit the ground.

With :57 left the Patriots scored. The two-point conversion pass from Brady to Amendola tied it up and we were headed to overtime.

Next came the coin-toss – probably the biggest coin toss EVER for both of these teams.

The NFL rule states “both teams have the opportunity to possess the ball at least once in overtime unless the team that receives the overtime kickoff scores a touchdown on its first possession.”

That’s just what the Patriots did.

They marched down the field cutting up an exhausted Falcons defense and scored on a handoff to running back James White to win the game.


It was the first time a Super Bowl went to overtime.

Tom Brady became the first quarterback to win five Super Bowl titles. He was named Super Bowl MVP for the fourth time, the most all time.

He threw for 466 yards — a Super Bowl record — and two touchdowns.

As Tom Brady said himself, “it was one helluva of a football game.”

And as long as you weren’t an Atlanta Falcons Fans, you had one helluva good time watching it.

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#SportBits … Opening Ceremony Fashion


Sports and fashion collide #bigly at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio De Janeiro. From the athletes’ uniforms to their leisure wear, style choices will be discussed and analyzed at this year’s Olympics. Today, let’s look at some Opening Ceremony outfits for a few fashion forward countries.

With over a billion people worldwide expected to watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight, it’s no wonder leading fashion designers are foaming at the mouth to design their country’s Olympians. What an incredible platform to elevate your brand!

For the United States, Polo Ralph Lauren will again be outfitting #TeamUSA, and for the first time, everything will be Made In The USA. Athletes will be decked out in tapered, white denim jeans, patriotic T-shirts, Polo Pony-emblazoned navy blazers, and red, white, and blue striped boat shoes. Preppy, classic, fun….they’re ready for a weekend in the Hamptons, I’d say. Some critics are screaming #RussianInfluence however, pointing out the shirts’ resemblance to the Russian flag. As the Bidenator would say, that’s #malarkey!


US Flag Bearer Michael Phelps will literally light the path for the US Athletes –  wearing a jacket that is the ultimate integration of innovation, fashion, and technology. Electroluminescent panels brightly illuminate portions of the jacket making Phelps a sight for all to see.

The Australian outfits for Rio also have a preppy, yacht club feel to them. Designed by Sportscraft, the Australian athletes will don green and white-striped blazers with white bottoms. The names of Olympic gold medalist champions are stitched into the lining of the blazers, which also have a special pocket for the athlete’s smartphones. #genius


The preppy look continues with the South Koreans crispy white pants, navy blazers, and fedoras. The design team is taking no chances with the health of its athletes as the outfits are all infused with insect repellent to keep mosquitoes carrying the Zika virus at bay. #ZikaProof


Some countries are not happy with their outfits, however. The Iranians have taken to social media complaining their uniforms resemble a school eraser.


The Georgians are upset because they feel their outfits represent a look of their past instead of a look to the future. I would have to agree.


My favorite is #TeamCanada . The Canadian design duo Dean and Dan Caten of DSquared2 have partnered with Hudson Bay for Canada’s outfits. Athletes will be wearing a long black and red blazer/windbreaker mash up with a giant maple leaf and tails on the back. Flat front tapered wool stretch pants with bonded zippers, elastic waist and ankles give the look a modern, fresh feel. Badass, eh?


And this is just the beginning folks. These designers have put together “kits” for their athletes that include the Opening Ceremony outfits, performance uniforms, and leisure wear. Be sure to follow me on social media where I’ll be posting all my favs. I think you should share YOUR favorites too, using the hashtag #SportBitsFashion. #JumpIn

You can watch the Opening Ceremonies tonight at 7:30pm on NBC. #TeamUSA

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#SportBits … Sports & Social Media


Social Media is a powerful vehicle in today’s society. As a sports fan, I love it. It’s a tool that greatly enhances my sports experience … most of the time.

I love following my favorite teams and players on social media. To be able to interact directly with teams, players, personalities, and fellow fans is exciting, informative and just plain fun. Shout out to #CuseTwitterArmy !!

Twitter has become my virtual sports bar – a place to engage before, during, and after games. Connecting with fellow followers to discuss and sometimes argue about plays, coaching decisions or outrageous team uniforms may sound weird, but it enriches my sporting experience. #bigly

I also enjoy the unique approaches that athletes, teams, brands and organizations are taking when it comes to social media.

This year at Wimbledon, Roger Federer took me on a tour of the Wimbledon grounds on Periscope. Too cool!! The Bryan Brothers gave me their Wimbledon Experience on YouTube. Enlightening! Best of all what I see as a revelation in sports broadcasting was former Grand Slam Champion Andy Roddick analyzing thefinals on Periscope from his couch in Austin, Texas. I just turned down my volume and listened to Andy talk about the match and answer questions while he watched along with me. At one point he went to get coffee and look in on his newborn. I loved the intimacy of it and the fact he could do and say whatever he wanted. Forget Breakfast At Wimbledon … I’m all for Breakfast at Andy’s House.



What I don’t like about social media and sports merging is the annoying trend of creating content in the hopes it will “go viral.” I feel that athletes and organizations sometimes go out of their way to do something outrageous knowing fans will be recording it on their phones. Whether it’s an excessive celebration by a player or some outrageous team announcement, it can feel fake and forced and ultimately feeds into our attention-craving culture, which I think is a negative reflection on today’s society.

Another annoyance? When I record a game to watch at a later time, I must remember to stay away from Twitter so I don’t get the final score before I’ve watched it, but that goes for any live event (Oscars, Grammys, etc). #realtime #getoverit

Lastly, and this is silly, but I hate when I read political views of athletes I admire and their views are polar opposites of mine. Sometimes it’s a bummer to learn that someone I admire so much thinks so differently than me. But it’s the #freespeech and varying opinions that make this country great –  so I’m just going to have to get over that one.

What do you think? Has social media affected the way you follow sports? I’d love to hear about it. I think you should enhance YOUR sporting experience by following me on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. See what I did there? #SportBits

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