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Happy Monday #SportBits readers! There is a lot of sports news to discuss so let’s get right to it.

There are now six New England Patriot players refusing to go to the White House for the Super Bowl celebration and perfunctory meeting with POTUS with pressure mounting on more to join.

Martellus Bennet started it all by saying before the Super Bowl that he wouldn’t go if the Patriots won. He reiterated those sentiments shortly after they defeated the Falcons.

The next day safety Devin McCourt joined Bennett saying he would not attend because he “doesn’t feel accepted in the White House.”

Soon Dont’a Hightower, LeGarrette Blount and Chris Long said they would not attend either. Long, the only white player in the group went on to say there is a “pathetic sea of NFL white silence this year.”

Fans are ramping up pressure through social media urging team members to boycott and expressing support for those who won’t attend.

FYI: Tom Brady skipped the post-Super Bowl visit in 2015 while Barack Obama was president citing a “prior family commitment.” He was seen less than 24hrs later at an Apple store shopping for watches. Brady did attend all three times during George W Bush years.

More sports and politics to report with Steph Curry openly questioning Kevin Plank and his association with President Trump.

575ae5a51500002b00739e30Kevin Plank is the CEO of Under Amour and Steph Curry is their superstar client. Curry’s signing by Under Armor put them on the map in the sports apparel industry and was a huge coup over main rival Nike. Curry is probably the most popular endorser of Under Armor apparel. Even those grandpa-looking shoes were a bestseller.

But when Plank praised Trump as an “asset to the country,” Curry took to twitter .

Curry responded with “I agree with that description,” Curry said, “If you remove the ‘et’” from asset.”

Curry then followed up his tweet with daylong discussions with Under Armour reps and Kevin Plank himself who explained that his views were meant from a business perspective and not political. Plank tried to distance himself from Trump’s controversial policies and comments that have enraged women, Muslims, Mexicans, African-Americans and the poor and impoverished across the nation. Curry felt comfortable with the explanation.

To me, it was an positive example of how open and honest communication can solve problems and misunderstanding during this volatile time.

The same can not be said for the situation in New York where team President Phil Jackson has taken to the media to shame and humiliate his star player, Carmelo Anthony. Whether it’s in an online article stating that Anthony holds the ball too long, or his comparison via twitter of Anthony to a failed ex-NBA player – Jackson’s choice of communication and follow through is not the way to solve problems or misunderstandings – and doesn’t feel very zen-like to me.

More news from Knickland: Former Knick legend Charles Oakley got into a scuffle before the Clipper game last week and was escorted out of Madison Square Garden and arrested. Oakley was allegedly sparring with Knick Owner James Dolan over being left out of recent Knick activities. Dolan’s actions have backfired as fans have taken to social media in support of Oakley and have been chanting his name at home games.


On to the NBA..where the OKC Thunder fans were speaking their minds Saturday night.

The big game that had everyone talking was the Golden State Warriors v. Oklahoma City Thunder on Saturday. It was the long-awaited return of Kevin Durant to OKC – a place he had spent all previous eight seasons before joining their biggest rivals, the Warriors.

Duran hired extra security for what was an emotionally charged and explosive scene at Chesapeake Energy Arena. He was booed as he entered the arena, as he was introduced and every time he touched the ball. His mom said later she was hurt by the treatment she and her son received on Saturday night.

“The most vicious things you could say, they said about my son tonight. It’s hurtful. We poured our heart into this place. Not just him. Our family. This is basketball. This is not whether or not you’re going to make it into heaven.” ~ Wanda Durant

But the game didn’t really live up to the hype as the Warriors defeated the Thunder 130-114. Durant scored 34 points and Russell Westbrook had 47 for the Thunder.


March Madness is right around the corner. The tournament begins March 14th and concludes the final four weekend, April 1 and April 3rd. Sixty-eight teams are chosen: 32 Division I conference champions and 36 at-large bids.

So, pick your team now and start following because in a couple weeks that’s all we’ll be talking about. #prepper

In women’s basketball, the No.1 UCONN women’s team looks to extend their winning streak to 100 v. No.6 South Carolina tonight in Storrs, CT. The Huskies last loss came early in the 2014-15 season against then No. 6 Stanford. THAT IS ONE HELLUVA STAT! I’m not a UCONN fan but I’m rooting for them to hit 100.


Jordan Spieth won at the Pebble Beach Pro-Am over the weekend. This was his 9th PGA tour title. Tiger Woods has pulled out of the Genesis Open in Los Angeles this week citing back spasms.

9bb6611d3ae470f21ae0b62f232ed5c4.jpgAt UFC208 in Brooklyn on Saturday, Germaine de Randamie defeated MMA fighter Holly Holm for the inaugural featherweight title. There was some controversy surrounding the fight when after the second round horn sounded, de Randamie continued to throw punches, landing what many considered the best strike of the night that seemed to wobble Holm as she walked back to her corner. Despite complaints, the ref did not warn de Randamie or take a point. de Randamie has agreed to a rematch because of the controversy.

That’s it for now. Check back on mcsportbits.com for more sports stories, scores and highlights and make sure to follow on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook for breaking news!!

#SportBits … a little bit of info is all you need.

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#SportBits … Super Bowl 51 Recap


Well, if I learned anything from watching Super Bowl 51 last night, it’s that no matter how bad something is going, things can ALWAYS turn around.


Tom Brady and the New England Patriots couldn’t have played a worse first half in yesterday’s Super Bowl. He seemed rattled. He had constant pressure from the Falcons defense and his throws throws were way off target.

It was not the Tom Brady were accustomed to watching.

The Atlanta Falcons completely dominated the first half of play: causing a fumble, intercepting a Brady pass, and building a halftime score of 21-3.

I’m not sure what happened in the Patriot locker room at the half.

Maybe they were inspired by Lady Gaga’s electric halftime show. Or perhaps they said to themselves, “We are the effin NEW ENGLAND PATRIOTS – winners of FOUR Super Bowls.”

Or maybe it was Coach Bill Belichick telling them that 21 points were not enough to beat them.

The greatest comeback in Super Bowl history didn’t begin until the score reached 28-12. That’s when Falcons QB Matt Ryan was sacked on his own 25 yard line and fumbled the ball.

It was the first time the Falcons had turned the ball over in this postseason.

That was the spark that Tom Brady needed.

Following the turnover, Brady found Danny Amendola for a 6-yard touchdown pass with 5:56 left. And after the two-point conversion, it was an eight-point game.

Atlanta could score on their next possession and had to punt giving the Patriots time for one final drive to force overtime.

This is what Tom Brady lives for.

His push down the field included one of the best catches in Super Bowl history. Patriots wide receiver Julian Edelman managed to fight off three Atlanta defenders, going through the legs of one of them, to scoop up the ball before it hit the ground.

With :57 left the Patriots scored. The two-point conversion pass from Brady to Amendola tied it up and we were headed to overtime.

Next came the coin-toss – probably the biggest coin toss EVER for both of these teams.

The NFL rule states “both teams have the opportunity to possess the ball at least once in overtime unless the team that receives the overtime kickoff scores a touchdown on its first possession.”

That’s just what the Patriots did.

They marched down the field cutting up an exhausted Falcons defense and scored on a handoff to running back James White to win the game.


It was the first time a Super Bowl went to overtime.

Tom Brady became the first quarterback to win five Super Bowl titles. He was named Super Bowl MVP for the fourth time, the most all time.

He threw for 466 yards — a Super Bowl record — and two touchdowns.

As Tom Brady said himself, “it was one helluva of a football game.”

And as long as you weren’t an Atlanta Falcons Fans, you had one helluva good time watching it.

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#SportBits … Weekend WrapUp


Happy Monday, #SportBits readers!

Here is your weekend sports wrap up.

In what felt more vintage than a 79’ Dead shirt, the Australian Open men’s and women’s final gave everyone the #goodfeels.

I can’t tell you how many texts and comments on my social media I received from people expressing how happy the finals made them feel. Four legends of tennis back in the championships.

I think after a month of crazy political upheaval and uncertainty, having these four familiar players in the finals felt reassuring and safe. I LOVE how sports can do that.

The Williams sisters met for the 28th time for the women’s championship.

Venus, at age 36, is at a stage in her career where she seems to be playing for the pure joy of it. She’s already made her mark. She’s got nothing more to prove.

She could have retired after she fell out of the top one hundred in 2012, or when she was diagnosed with a debilitating autoimmune disease. But she didn’t. She battled back. She had faith in herself and her game. #goodfeels

Sister Serena, at age 35, is playing for the numbers. She’s been tied with Steffi Graf at #22 Grand Slam totals which has been an annoying monkey on her back.

Their match was a competitive, awesome display of tennis. Serena won 6-4, 6-4 and not only breaks the tie with Graf, but regains the #1 ranking she lost to Angelique Kerber in September of last year.

I think the best part was their speeches afterward. #goodfeels galore.

On the men’s side, 35-year-old Roger Federer took on 30-year-old Rafael Nadal. These two have played each other 35 times. Sunday’s final was another epic showdown.

Roger, having missed the second half of last season with a knee injury, came back in Federer style by winning the championship in 5 sets. He was down a break in the 5th but somehow found the magic and extended his Grand Slam victories to 18.

Rafa also battled injuries last season with wrist problems. I think I wasn’t alone in wondering if he could return to his top form. He did.

Ultimately, I think his 5-hour semifinal win over Gregor Dimitrov on Thursday took too much out of him.

Never the less, it was a wonderful weekend of tennis, the likes of which we may never see again.

On the NFL Pro Bowl….

The AFC took this one, 20-13, over the NFC. The game was played in Orlando, Florida, instead of its usual Hawaiian destination.

The game wasn’t a TOTAL snooze fest, but it still was the Pro Bowl – where players are playing to NOT get hurt in a game that doesn’t matter one bit.

Maybe this one was a bit more interesting because it had so many newcomers. They weren’t tired of it yet. And the teams actually played some defense.

But if I’m being totally honest, I watched the SAG Awards instead.

I mean, did you SEE Winona Ryder’s face while her costar gave his speech after receiving “Best Drama Ensemble” ~> priceless!


The NHL All-Star Game happened here in Los Angeles over the weekend, and there was hockeyness all around the Staples Center.

screen-shot-2017-01-30-at-11-35-32-amIt started with the NHL100 on Friday where the top 100 players in hockey were chosen, in no particular order.

On Saturday, there was the skills competition.

The League, in an effort to stay current and hip, had Snoop Dogg perform at the event. And Snoop being Snoop didn’t feel the need to censor his song “The Next Episode” so the FBombs dropped for all of Staples and TV Land to hear. I had to laugh.

Here is a recap of all the winners from the skills competition.

In Sunday’s main event, The Metropolitan captured the All-Star Game title by beating the Pacific 4-3 after toppling the Atlantic 10-6 in the first round of play. The Pacific beat the Central 10-3 in the first round.

There were lots of games in the NBA over the weekend. Here are your scores and highlights.

College hoops are starting to heat up as we inch our way towards March Madness. Here is the latest AP Poll – and scores from the weekend.

In case you hadn’t heard, #SuperBowl51 is next Sunday, February 5th from Houston, Texas. The city will turn into a small-scale Olympic Village in order to host the mass of football fans and media that are expected.

The New England Patriots are playing the Atlanta Falcons.

Here is a schedule of all the events taking place this week and a schedule for game day events.

Country star Luke Bryan will sing the National Anthem. The cast of Hamilton will be performing at the festivities, and Lady Gaga will be the halftime show. CAN’T WAIT!

Ok people, hopefully, this is enough sports info to get you out there and talking with your family, friends, and coworkers!

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#SportBits … When Is The Right Time To Protest?


By now I’m sure you’ve heard about San Francisco quarterback Colin Kaepernickand his decision to sit on the bench during the national anthem

He’s doing this in protest of what he believes are wrongdoings against African-Americans and minorities in our country. If you haven’t heard about it, then please start following me on social media so you can stay informed. Currently, this is one of the biggest sports stories in the news.

Kaepernick’s protest is not the focus of my story. I will add however, I feel strongly that Colin has the right to protest; even in this manner. This is America after all. At the ESPY Awards this year, the big four stood and pleaded for their fellow athletes to use their platforms and celebrity to call for change…so I find it annoying that when someone has the courage to actually do it, they get lambasted.

However, I DON”T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THAT. What REALLY bothers me about this situation is how quickly everyone, especially fellow football players and coaches, jumped on the (social) media wagon to add their two cent’s. Whether they supported Colin or not, everyone has an opinion.

So why don’t these same players, coaches, fans have an opinion about the domestic violence and sexual assault cases that are rampant in the NFL? Why aren’t these same people criticizing the players that commit these horrible acts? When Ray Rice punched his then-finance in an elevator in Las Vegas, which was caught on video for all to see, few players spoke out. When photos of Greg Hardy’s then-girlfriend surfaced showing red marks and bruising after an alleged assault, most players kept their opinions to themselves and most recently, when NY Giants kicker Josh Brown was suspended one game for a 2015 arrest on charges of domestic violence, again, not a whole lot of reaction from the peanut gallery. Brown’s teammate Jason Paul Pierre did have this to say:

“We’re all family around here. People have their own problems to handle. He’s still our brother and we look past it.”

The Giants Quarterback Eli Manning offered this:

“I don’t think there is a whole lot to say. To the team, if Josh wants to say something, he can explain his case. I don’t know a whole lot of details about what happened. I know he’s been suspended and that’s about all I know.”

Conveniently, when it comes to sexual assault and domestic violence cases, there never seems to be “enough information” to comment – but there’s plenty of info to offer up opinions when Kaepernick sits during the anthem in protect of racism. I guess domestic violence is too messy of an issue and nobody wants to get dirty.

It’s a double standard and I’m not happy about it. Are you?

I think you should follow me on Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook so you’re up to date on what’s happening in sports. #SportBits … a little bit of info is all you need.

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#SportBits … Women in the NFL


The 2016-‘17 NFL season is upon us. Hooray! And it’s not just the good ole boy’s network anymore…

Football lovin’ females currently make up 45% of the NFL’s 150 million fans. But it’s not only fandom where the women are showing up. They’re making their way onto the field, into the front office, and even in the training rooms. Let’s take a look at a few women who have been busy busting down barriers in this male-dominated field of sports.


Sarah Thomas – Line Judge, NFL
In April of 2015, Thomas became the first-ever full-time female official hired to the NFL. She began her officiating career in high school. After a short stint in sales, she began working for Conference USA. She was the first female to officiate a bowl game in 2009. Last season, I remember watching her make an incredibly difficult call on Monday Night Football at the end of the Pittsburgh Steelers/San Diego Chargers game. The Steelers had the ball at the Chargers’ 1-yard line with only five seconds left. They called a play where the ball was snapped directly to the running back who was initially stopped but managed to plow across the goal line as time expired. Somehow he got the ball across for a touchdown an instant before his knee touched. Thomas was the line judge and raised her hand to signal a touchdown. A replay review confirmed the score and the Steelers won 24-20. I remember thinking, THANK GOD SHE GOT THAT RIGHT, because if she didn’t, social media would have skewered her. Sad but true.

Kathyrn Smith – Special-teams Quality Control Coach, Buffalo Bills
Smith made history in January when she was named the NFL’s first full-time female assistant. Before her promotion, Smith worked as the administrative assistant to Bills head coach Rex Ryan and was player personnel assistant with the NY Jets for seven years before that. She started out as an intern for the team.

Anna Isaacson – Senior Vice President of Social Responsibility, NFL
In 2014 NFL commissioner Roger Goodell appointed Isaacson to the first-ever head of social responsibility. It’s her job to develop and oversee the league’s social responsibility efforts. I’d imagine her job hasn’t been easy since the NFL continues to struggle with domestic violence and sexual assault issues.


Pittsburgh Steelers

Sonia Ruef – Assistant Athletic Trainer, Pittsburgh Steelers
It is Ruef’s job to help treat and prevent injuries. When she was hired in 2011, Ruef became the only female athletic trainer in the NFL – and second in league history. Since then, three more women have been hired as athletic trainers.

“Teams weren’t sure it could work. But all it takes is giving someone a chance to prove themselves.” ~ Sonia Ruef

Well put Sonia – and with the recent expansion of the Rooney Rule to include women, I expect more female hires in the NFL. Me? I’m shooting for Social Media Manager for the Los Angeles Rams. You hear that @artistwyman? I’m coming for you!!

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#SportBits … Ladies, It’s Your “Fall Sports Preview”


Summer is over. The Olympics are done. School is starting. Sadness rains and we all get wet! Ha!

No need to be sad loyal #SportBits readers. There are plenty of exciting sporting events on the horizon. Here is a quick look at what’s coming up this fall and what you need to know so you can #jointheconversation. Ladies, it’s no fun being left out because you don’t know what the big game is…am I right?

August 29th – September 11th: US Open, Flushing Meadows, NY
The U.S. Open is the fourth and final event of the four Grand Slam tennis tournaments. The New York crowd is always rocking, the outfits are NEVER white, and those nighttime matches are a party! No. 1 seeds Serena Williams and Novak Djokavic made early exits in Rio – let’s see if they can pull it together for another GS win in the big apple.

September 30th – October 2nd: Ryder Cup, Hazelton National Golf Club, Chaska, MN
The Ryder Cup is a men’s golf competition between teams from Europe and the United States, played every two years. The venue alternates between courses in the USA and Europe. Players are chosen on a point system, which closes on Sunday, August 28th. So far five players, Dustin Johnson, Jordan Spieth, Phil Mickelson, Jimmy Walker and Brooks Koepka, have mathematically qualified for the Cup. It’s the USA v. Europe on our homeland…so there’s a lot of pride on the line. If there’s one golf tourney to watch this year, it’s the Ryder Cup.

October 4th – October 23rd: Major League Baseball Playoffs
OCTOBER BASEBALL!!! THE BEST. Check in here to see how your team is doing.
Here is the schedule for all the playoffs and World Series games.

October 25th – November 7th: MLB World Series

August 26th – December 10th: 2016 NCAA College Football Season
The College Season ended last year with Alabama winning the national championship. They are the Pre-Season #1 team and have a DOOZIE of a first game v. #19 USC on September 3rd at AT&T Stadium in Arlington, TX. (8pm ET. ABC)

September 8th – January 1st NFL: Regular Season
ARE YOU READY FOR SOME FOOTBALL? Well, get ready because it’s here, and this articlewill give you a quick preview of the upcoming season.

October 25th – Wednesday April 12th: NBA Regular Season
The biggest news in the off-season in the NBA was the signing of Kevin Durant by the Golden State Warriors. Everyone is anxiously awaiting to see if the Warriors will dominate as expected. Mark your calendars for Christmas Day when the Warriors will meet NBA Champ LeBron James and the Cavaliers for a tasty holiday rematch treat!

OK, this should get you started ladies. I’ll be keeping track of scores, news, and interesting sports stories on social media, so give me a follow. Remember, you just need a little information to join the conversation. #SportBits

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#SportBitsDaily … #TGIF




Happy 4th of July weekend #SportBits readers! Hopefully, you are all where you’re going to be for the big day, because traveling today will be a nightmare. You might need some satellite radio, portable charges, and lots of patience to get you through the traffic jams and long security lines. Thankfully, I got to my destination yesterday….so good luck to you. Stay strong!

CWS: This is what it looks like when a school wins its first National Championship in program history.

Coast Carolina won the College World Series yesterday, beating Arizona 4-3 in a hard fought and tense Game 3. Severe weather in Omaha, Nebraska caused the game to be postponed from its original Wednesday night start time. Head coach Gary Gilmore won his first title after 21 years of coaching, and the Chanticleers (it’s a rooster!!) capped off their improbable run with its first National Championship.

NBA: Let the CRAZY off-season deals begin…..

  • The Los Angeles Lakers will pay the 7-1 center Timofey Mozgov, who will turn 30 in two weeks, $64 million over the next four seasons. The Cavaliers traded two first-round picks to the Denver Nuggets for Mozgov in January 2015. DUDE IS 30 AND COMING OF MAJOR KNEE SURGURY. #wtf
  • Free agent DeMar DeRozan has agreed to a five-year, $139 million-plus deal to stay with the Toronto Raptors.
  • Free-agent center Joakim Noah and the New York Knicks are working to finalize a deal in the range of four years and $70 million-plus.

More free-agency news here. And there is more to come…. #Durant #Gasol #Howard ~> stay tuned.


The Cleveland Indians won their 13th straight behind Carlos Carrasco‘s 14 strikeouts last night. The win gave the Indians their longest winning streak in nearly 65 years

IT IS PANIC TIME FOR DODGER FANS. Superman ace pitcher Clayton Kershaw has a herniated disc and has been put on the 15day DL. The Dodgers quickly scrambled to beef up their ailing pitching staff by acquiring right-hander Bud Norris from the Atlanta Braves. Holeeeeee hell this is not good.

Love me a good comeback: The Detroit Tigers began an 11-game road trip yesterday with a WICKED ninth-inning rally v. Tampa Bay. The Tigers trailed 7-2 entering the ninth and opened the inning with four consecutive hits, overcoming a five-run deficit win 10-7.

More MLB news and yesterday’s scores…here.


Of course it’s the fashion getting all the news. Nike’s “lingerie” dress is really irritating some people. Many feel the free flowing outfit belongs in the bedroom and not the All England Tennis Club. Jeez-Louise…everyone needs to lighten up! Thoughts?

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 7.59.25 AM

No. 8 seed Venus Williams won her match v.  Maria Sakkari 7-5, 4-6, 6-3, on the smaller, outer court 18 yesterday. Afterwards, she said she didn’t mind playing on the outside court as long as EVERYONE has to, insinuating that the scheduling is not fair. When asked if she could imagine a five-time male champion being on an outside court, Venus said with a smile, “I haven’t seen that in the scheduling yet.” The rain is wreaking havoc, so scheduling matches is proving to be quite a challenge. Guess you can’t please everyone.

World No. 1 Novak Djokovic has not decided if he’s playing in Rio. “I’ve been trying to reach out to Brazilian friends and acquaintances, [to] get information … When I get more, I’ll be able to make my final decision.” #RioWorries

The biggest upset yesterday was No. 2 seed and French Open winner Garbine Muguruza losing 6-2, 6-1 to Slovakian qualifier Jana Cepelova who is ranked No. 124. The match took less than an hour. Ouch.

Here are all your results and match updates.

Olympic News:

22-time Olympic medalist Michael Phelps became the first swimmer to qualify for 5 Olympics yesterday when finished first at the men’s 200-meter butterfly at the U.S. Olympic trials. This sets up a Friday night showdown between Phelps and longtime competitor Ryan Lochte in the final of the 200-meter individual medley.This one is especially significant for the 31-year-old Lochte, given it’s his only real shot at swimming a race of his own (rather than a relay) at the Olympics.

L A S T L Y :  #JohnnyFootball Update: Johnny Manziel’s dad called him a “Druggie” who would best benefit from some time in jail. Johnny responded maturely with this instagram from Costa Rica with caption #HiDad.

Screen Shot 2016-07-01 at 8.31.13 AM

His trouble continues as yesterday the NFL announced Johnny has been suspended for the first four games of the season…making his return to the an even bigger uphill battle. He’s a free agent.  Who is going to take a chance on him?  I’m all for second chances, but ya gimme something to work with. #maturity #commitment

Ok. That’s it…so now you know. Enjoy your 4th! Lot’s of good sports on this weekend. Watch…learn…and chat it up around the BBQ. And can I recommend a digital thermometer. It really is THE ONLY WAY to get those burgers, steaks and chicken cooked properly. Cheers!





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#SportBitsDaily … Wednesday


Vintage Television

Happy Wednesday yo. I’m feeling a bit spicy today…I think it’s that new Kanye West video with all those naked waxy bodies in the bed that has me rethinking things. Or perhaps it’s the anxiety I’m feeling over what time the #TWC guy is actually going to show up to fix my wifi.  Either way – I’ve gotta just deal – and report some sports – so let’s go.

Conor McGregor and his continuing gripe against the UFC lives on. As you may recall, McGregor and his much anticipated rematch with Nate Diaz was pulled from UFC 200 because he/McGregor wouldn’t break his training routine to do the required publicity for the fight.  McGregor retired…then un-retired…and after he and UFC prez Dana White seemingly kissed and made up, the rematch was back (UFC 202 – August 2oth). Word has it the bad blood is still a-flowin, and with the publicity requirements for 202 set to kick off next week in Las Vegas, many are wondering if McGregor will show. I’ve got $20 that says he doesn’t.

High drama at the CWS  last night. Down 1-0 in the best-of-three series to Arizona, Coastal Carolina staved off elimination for the fourth time in the CWS and fifth time in the NCAA Tournament, but not before some nervous moments in the eighth inning, when their three-run lead was cut to one. The Chanticleers held on for the 5-4 win, forcing a WINNER-TAKE-ALL final game TONIGHT, 8pm on ESPN.

In the MLB, the pitchers are having a rough go:

  • Clayton Kershaw had to fly back to LA yesterday to see a specialist about his sore back. (HOLEEEE HELL)
  • Zach Greinke left his game in the 2nd with a sore left oblique.
  • Thor and Steven Matz both have bone spurs in their elbows.

On the flip side: Dodger teenager Julio Urias got his first MLB win as the Dodgers beat the Brewers 6-5. And 21yr old Lucas Giolito, the pride of Santa Monica, CA ,made his MLB debut for the Nationals. He and his 100-mph fastball kicked ass for 4 innings before the rain came.

More MBL scores…here.

Wimbledon news, scores and highlights … here.

The Olympic Trials continue, and in swimming it’s the shiny and new that stole the show last night in Omaha (cue Peyton Manning). Many familiar faces are being left behind as these plucky newbies are taking their spots in Rio. Ryan Lochte, Missy Franklin and Natalie Coughlin are a few of the household names that have been swept aside by their younger versions. #FatherTime…. when he calls…RUN (or swim) as fast as you can!

In other Olympic news, world No. 1 golfer Jason Day is the latest to pull out of the #RioOlympics over Zika concerns. As I understand it, it’s the men who need to worry since doctors are unsure how long the virus can live in sperm. Doctors say it lives in the blood stream for 7-10 days, so as long as a woman doesn’t get pregnant in that time, she should be safe. The men on the other hand…should be thinking one way or another about  “pulling out.”

Speaking of “pulling out,” Donald Trump has nabbed his first celebrity endorsement in former Seattle Seahawk Terrell Owens. He joins Bobby Knight and Mike Tyson as Trump believers who hope their stellar reputations within the sporting world can help sway those undecided voters to hop on the Trump train.



I’m still reflecting on the legendary life and career of Pat Summitt, who passed away yesterday from early-onset Alzheimer’s. To say she paved the way for women in sports is a huge understatement.


Lastly, you’ll be happy to know the legendary banana boat picture from Chris Paul, Dwayne Wade and LeBron James’ vacation last year now lives on — through a Snapchat filter. OH THANK GOD! Sadly, there is just no way to look cool riding on a banana boat…unless you’re a cartoon filter. Way to go guys.

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.27.49 PM

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 3.29.27 PM


That’s it…so now you know. #ttyt

PS. This is disturbing….right? It’s not just me.

Screen Shot 2016-06-29 at 9.06.57 AM








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#SportBitsDaily … Tuesday


Vintage Television


Good morning…here’s some sports news for you. Take it => use it => impress someone with your knowledge. Why the hell not?


#Brexit Part Two: In a shocking upset, England lost to Iceland, 2-1, in the Euro 2016 soccer tournament yesterday. Right after the loss, Roy Hodgeson pulled a Lionel Messi and resigned as team manager. English fans lost their minds, the Iceland announcer almost lost his voice, and the country once again lost all that they thought was right and just in the world.


Not quite as dramatic, but almost as impressive, was Italy’s defeat over two-time defending champion Spain in the round-of-16. Does this mean the end of Spain’s reign (mainly in the plain)? Who knows. There is so much soccer going on right now, I’m just trying to stay afloat here, people. Spain’s manager Vicente de Bosque doesn’t think so, however.


Legendary Tennessee basketball coach Pat Summitt died this morning. She was 64 years old. Summitt, who built the Lady Vols into a major powerhouse, was the winningest coach in the history of major college basketball. She passed away after battling early onset dementia, “Alzheimer’s type,” according to a statement from the Pat Summitt foundation.



The #USABMT was “officially” announced yesterday…but the roster had been leaked and it was all kinda anticlimactic.

Screen Shot 2016-06-27 at 1.49.15 PM

FOOTBALL:  (not soccer)

Pittsburgh Steeler James Harrison agreed yesterday to sit down with NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell to discuss the league’s investigation into performance-enhancing drugs among it’s players  (mainly himself) –  but only on his terms. This is the instagram he sent out:

Screen Shot 2016-06-28 at 8.10.52 AM

Harrison was implicated (along with Peyton Manning) in an Al-Jazeera report back in December, but has refused to meet with the league to discuss the allegations, until now. In the meantime, he seems to be enjoying taking shots at Goodell and the NFL on Twitter.

Former NFL coach and defensive wizard Buddy Ryan died this morning. He was 82yrs old. Ryan coached in the NFL for 35 seasons, and was known for building some of football’s top defenses.

The attorney who inadvertently sent a text message to The Associated Press expressing doubt about whether Johnny Manziel could stay clean has withdrawn from representing Manziel in his domestic violence case. Manziel, 23, is accused of hitting and threatening his former girlfriend, Colleen Crowley, during a night out in January. He is facing a misdemeanor assault charge that carries a penalty of up to a year in jail and a $4,000 fine.


#STUDALERT: Chicago Cubs third-baseman Kris Bryant hit 3 home runs in an 11-8 win over the Reds on Monday night, supplanting Ernie Banks as the youngest in franchise history to accomplish the feat. Bryant, 24, who went 5-for-5 with two doubles and six RBIs, is 10 days younger than Banks was when he hit three homers in 1955.

Thor lost yesterday…. first time in over a month.

The Yankees and Stub Hub have ended their feud over the team’s elimination of the print-at-home service, with a $100million dollar deal that benefits…. well, you decide.

Yesterday’s MLB scores…here.

CWS: JC Cloney pitched a four-hitter for Arizona and the Wildcats beat Coastal Carolina 3-0 in Game 1 of the College World Series. Game two is tonight.


The first round continues on day two of Wimbledon and there have been no major upsets thus far…unless you’re upset that the eventual Champions may lose $400,000 because of #Brexit.

Wimbledon scores and highlight…here.

That’s it for now, folks. Check in with me on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for more news throughout the day. #ttyt


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#SportbitsDaily … Wednesday


Vintage Television


The NHL has settled on Las Vegas as it’s choice for expansion, provided organizers can come up with the $500 million fee. They’re calling them the Black Knights (love it!!) …and they’ll make their debut (most likely) in 2017. Next to Vegas…the Oakland Raiders!


Copa America continues…here are yesterday’s results.

UEFA Euro results….here.

Team Russia was handed a suspended disqualification yesterday, and a fine of $168,000 for the actions of Russian fans following a 1-1 draw in a game against England in Marseille. Should more violence occur in the stadium, Russia will automatically be disqualified from Euro 2016. Put down your beer and chairs people, and just watch the match fahcrissakes.


A lawsuit launched by a group of Patriots fans against the National Football League regarding the handling of the “Deflategate” investigation was dismissed by a federal judge. Major props for trying though..


MLB scores and highlights…here.

The NCAA College World Series tournament is set…here is your lineup, game times and TV schedule.


The 2016 Rio Olympics medals were unveiled yesterday….hmmmmm. #jurysout

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 6.37.39 PM


Ok. That’s it. So now you know…


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#SportBitsDaily … Tuesday


Vintage Television


Today’s theme ….balls.


The Golden State Warriors blew their chance to clinch the NBA title at home last night. The war of words between LeBron James and Klay Thompson that began Sunday, continued on the court, and King James came out on top. The Cavs needed the win, and behind a 41pt performance from James and Kyrie Irving, they did just that, 112-97. The series returns to Cleveland for Game 6 on Thursday…and with Draymond Green back in the lineup after his groin-grabbing suspension – it’ll be dramatic – and fun.


Big balls for Jordan Spieth and Rory McIlroy …b0th confirming they WILL take part in the summer Olympics despite #Zika concerns .


More groin news: Cleveland Indians third baseman Juan Uribe was carted off the field in the fourth inning of Sunday’s game against the Los Angeles Angels after Mike Trout’s ground ball nailed him in the nuts. He is listed day to day with a testicular contusion. Wasn’t he wearing a cup, you ask?  Don’t they all wear cups? Well, apparently Cleveland trainers didn’t have one in his size. #biggerballs

Screen Shot 2016-06-14 at 7.28.09 AM

*Insert some witty #DonJuan hashtag here.

Yesterday’s MLB scores…here.

Hey…let’s hear it for the old guys:

Ok, 32yrs may not be old. But to pursue an NFL career at that age is…well… ballsy. 32-year old former NBA player Nate Robinson had a tryout Monday with the Seattle Seahawks, a league source confirmed. The 5-foot-9 Robinson had been playing basketball in Israel, but he has expressed interest in pursuing an NFL career.

“The biggest challenge is probably all the haters, everybody counting me out, somebody not really giving me the opportunity. That’s what I think the biggest challenge will be, getting somebody to give me that chance.”

Good luck Nate – I’m rooting for you!

Meanwhile, Ichiro Suzuki is 42 years old, and after a disappointing 2015 season with his longtime Mariners team, many thought he was done. But he hung in there and signed with the Marlins for 2016, and is having a helluva season so far. Suzuki has a .350 batting average and is just 23 career hits short of 3000.


Baylor interim president David Garland acknowledged Monday that a movement to bring back Art Briles as football coach in 2017 has gained momentum among a few key donors. #BEYONDballsy.  There are no words…except that my incoming high school senior WILL NOT be looking at Baylor this fall. #BaylorScandal #notrust #nofaith

Let’s end with a shout out to all the ladies of the WNBA …

Ok. That’s it. So now you know…





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#SportBitsDaily … Friday


Vintage Television


Fifteen thousand people are expected to attend an interfaith service that will be held at the KFC Yum! Center at 2 p.m. today for boxing great Muhammad Ali. Former President Bill ClintonBilly CrystalBryant Gumbel, and Ali’s wife, Lonnie, will give eulogies. Also expected to speak is Republican Sen. Orrin Hatch. The service is open to the public.


After wild first period goal-fest in Game 5 in the #StanleyCupFinals, the San Jose Sharks held on to win in Pittsburgh, 4-2, to force a Game 6 in San Jose on Sunday.

Hockey legend Gordie Howe died this morning, the Detroit Red Wings have confirmed. He was 88. The Hall of Famer played on four Stanley Cup championship teams in Detroit during a 25-year stint that began in 1946. He retired from hockey for good when he was 52.


After winning Game 3 on Wednesday by 30 pts. without Kevin Love, a game which they were going to win NO MATTER WHAT, word has it the Cavaliers are wondering if they even need the injured star forward in the lineup for Game 4, tonight. He’s got to pass the concussion test before he’s cleared, which will probably be something like riding a unicycle while explaining the Theory of Relativity. …in Mandarin.


The Philadelphia Phillies had the No. 1 pick in the MLB draft yesterday and took this guy. Here is more draft news from Day 1.

Manny Muchado was suspended 4 games for taking a swing and a miss at pitcher Yordano Ventura , who got 9 games for nailing Muchado with a fastball.


Yahoo Sports reported yesterday that Von Miller could sit out the entire 2016 season. His contract negotiations with the Denver Broncos have hit a snag over what part of the 6yr, $114million will be guaranteed.

#RIPdabbing … Cam Newton announced yesterday the dab is done. We can all go back to living our lives now.


Rafa Nadal will skip Wimbledon this year because of his recurring wrist injury.


Loving the spirit of 7 yr old cancer survivor and Cub fan Beckham Zobrist. Retinoblastoma took his eye, but it couldn’t take his Cub spirit. Check out his prosthetic:

Screen Shot 2016-06-10 at 7.52.20 AM.png

Ok. That’s it. So now you know…


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#SportBitsDaily … Wednesday



Vintage Television



In a make-or-break game for the #USMNT last night, Cliff Dempsey had a goal and two assists, and the U.S. rebounded from its opening loss with a convincing 4-0 victory over Costa Rica. The Americans are now in a position to advance to the knockout stage when playing Paraguay in its group finale on Saturday at Lincoln Financial Field in Philadelphia.


Speaking of make-or-break games….the Cleveland Cavaliers MUST win Game 3 at home tonight. No team in history has come back from a 3-0 deficit in the NBA Finals. Good news  for Cavs fans: the team is 7-0 at home this playoff season.

Hours after interviewing for an assistant-coaching job with the New York Knicks on Tuesday, former NBA center Sean Rooks  collapsed and died in a Philadelphia restaurant. Rooks had a 12-year NBA career, including stops with the Dallas Mavericks, Minnesota Timberwolves, Atlanta Hawks, the Los Angeles Lakers, Clippers, New Orleans and Orlando Magic. He had been a player-development coach for the past two years with the Philadelphia 76ers.

Score one for #TeamNike. Projected No. 1 overall NBA draft pick Ben Simmons announced Tuesday that he has signed an endorsement deal with the company…why? Well, Simmons hired agent Rich Paul, who is a longtime friend of, and now agent for, LeBron James => #NikeGod ..and every shoe deal Paul has negotiated for his clients has been with Nike.


Tiger Woods announced yesterday he would miss the US Open and the Quicken Loan Invitational due to his continuing rehab on his surgically repaired back. The 14-time major champion hasn’t played a competitive round on the PGA Tour since finishing in a tie for 10th in the Wyndham Championship last August. I’m thinking that just like the Bernie Sander campaign – it might be time for Tiger to throw in the towel – and start designing courses.


Rookie Mistakes: (paging D’Angelo Russell)… Minnesota Vikings’ top draft pick Laquon Treadwell is feeling the wrath of his new fan base. Dude was snapped wearing an Oakland Raiders hat, and when that pic hit snapchat? Ooooooh, fans let him have it. I get it…. cause I’ll tell you right now, if some #Cuse freshman showed up on campus wearing a Duke hat? #doneski

abda0723cbf91f87f2e4310a90e1659f.jpgLaquon Treadwell

The NFL twitter account was hacked and the culprits falsely tweeted out that ‘ding dong the commissioners dead’.  Roger Goodell took it all in stride, tweeting out his own response. We can’t get rid of him that easily folks.

The drama filled off-season for the SuperBowl champs continues…The NFL said yesterday they are investigating a shooting incident involving Bronco Aqib Talib. What we know for sure is Talib must have had quite a buzz going early Sunday morning when he to accidentally shot himself in the leg. What is unclear is whether it happened at a park while he was hanging with some friends, as he told police – OR – if it happened at a nightclub where an unknown suspect shot two people in a disturbance around the same time. Does Talib actually have a permit to carry a gun? Will he de disciplined by the team? Dunno…but the NFL is investigating it all.


I mean really…no one likes getting hit by a 99 MPH fastball… Baltimore Royals starter Yordano Ventura hit Orioles shortstop Manny Machado with a wicked pitch.. and a big ole bench clearing brawl ensued. Both guys were ejected.


Ok. That’s it. So now you know…





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#SportBitsDaily … Tuesday




The Pittsburgh Penguins moved within a game of winning the Stanley Cup yesterday by defeating the San Jose Sharks, 3-1, in San Jose. They now lead the series 3-1. There have been 4 games so far, and the Sharks have not held the lead in regulation in one of them. Not good…because you definitely play differently when you have the lead. Game 5 is Thursday night in Pittsburgh.


The #USMNT take on Costa Rica today…and it’s an effin must-win for the men’s team.


In the NBA Finals, The Golden State Warriors have won both games at Oracle, effectively keeping home court advantage. They now lead the series 2-0 heading to Cleveland for Game 3 Wednesday night. I’m a little worried for #KingJames… it’s looking and feeling like #TeamUnderArmour might be taking his crown, again.

Yesterday Steph Curry announced he would NOT play for the Olympic team this summer so he can rest his knee and ankle for the 2016-17 NBA season. He and Ayesha seem to be in baby making mode, so I’m thinking Zika played a role in this decision. #justsayin


Professional mixed martial artist Kimbo Slice died Monday at age 42 of undisclosed causes. Slice, (AKA Kevin Ferguson) was never really embraced by the MMA world as it went mainstream, but due to his immense popularity, his third professional fight in May 2008, aired on CBS, making it the first MMA fight on prime-time network television. #RIPSlice

Screen Shot 2016-06-06 at 9.49.23 PMKimbo Slice

The MMA reporter that was banned on Sunday from covering the MMA  has now been reinstated … but not before spilling some juicy beans on his employers. #oopsiedaisy. Ariel Helwani was banned for scooping the UFC on a story, and the UFC didn’t like it…so they kicked him out. Not too smart for a sport that is working hard to become more mainstream. My fav ESPN reporter Rachel Nichols put it best:

“Those of you spending your dollars on UFC should be concerned. I’m not pretending sportswriters are producing the Pentagon Papers here. But sport is a central part of American life … if you create a system where the only people who are allowed to cover a sport are people who do or say exactly what the league wants them to, then you don’t have a media who can question things when they go off the rails. And as we’ve seen … they do sometimes.”


Aaron Rogers, QB for the Green Bay Packers, is cuttin’ the cheese. In an attempt to get healthier with the hopes of extending his career, the Wisconsin team leader will be going  vegan …eliminating all dairy and crappy food from his diet. #goudaluck

Ok. That’s it. So now you know…






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#SportBits…Monday News


It’s Monday, and #SportBits is here to give you the 411 on what’s happening in fashion, entertainment and politics. Ha! Just seeing if you are paying attention. A lot is happening out there in the world of sports. I’m sure most of you know what’s going on, since you follow me on social media, but incase you don’t (and you may want to rethink that), here is this week’s sports roundup. #yeehaw

It’s PLAYOFF time in the NBA and NHL.

In the NBA, the top eight teams in each conference battle in their best of seven, first round seri. I could write a whole article about the matchups, the key players, and the schedule, but why should I when this article does it for me. I’m picking Golden State to win it all, because Superman Steph Curry will be the first to tell you that their record breaking 73-win season doesn’t mean SQUAT if they don’t win the Championship. #MAJORincentive. Plus, he’s Superman.

Ditto for the NHL. Their 4-round, best of seven series got underway last week, and HERE is what you need to know about THAT. It’s still early .. and I promise to go into more #SportBits detail as we get a little deeper in.

In baseball news, the Washington Nationals have a franchise-best 9-1 start. Bryce Harper looks to repeat last season’s MVP, and their off-season acquisitions are performing very well, so things are looking cherry-blossomy in DC. But man, it’s a loooong season, so does all this really mean anything? Who the heck knows. Time will tell.

In Tampa Bay, a female fan was struck by a foul ball and hospitalized over the weekend. The fan was sitting in the lower box seats next to the Tampa Bay’s dugout on the first base side, when she was struck in the seventh inning by a ball off the bat of Rays designated hitter Steven Souza Jr. The ball went through a small gap in the protective netting behind an area for photographers. Baseball games can be long and boring at times. But you have to pay attention because apparently, even the protective netting won’t always keep you safe.

MLB teams are still trying to get used to the new slide rule implemented this season. This issue rose to the forefront during the 2015 postseason when LA Dodger Chase Utley broke up a potential double play in Game 2 of the National League Division Series with a controversial slide that ended up injuring Mets shortstop Ruben Tejada. In the past, runners were given wide latitude coming into second base as long as they were close enough to touch the bag. Under the new rule, a runner will have to make a “bona fide slide,” which is defined as making contact with the ground before reaching the base – meaning the runner can’t just take out the 2nd baseman in order to mess up his flow. Players aren’t happy since they’re used to plowing down the second baseman if needed. But this is a good thing….because change is good…yada yada yada. #safetyfirst

Let’s talk some fashion and design. The Chicago Cubs have a new clubhouse, and I ain’t talking Mickey Mouse. Take a look:


Bye bye traditional locker room-feel. Hello multiple flat-screen TVs, circular bar, and swanky lounge, strength and conditioning area. And let’s not leave out the futuristic training room and saltwater hyperbaric deprivation chamber. All they need now is a disco ball and D-Jay and Cub Nightclub will be ready for business.

Here are the MLB scores and highlights from the previous week. Give a glance…

It’s the off-season in football..college and pros..so why has there been so much football news lately? Can’t we go one day without some Johnny Manziel, blockbuster trade, new NCAA rules or scheduling story? Can’t the OTHER sports have their time in the spotlight? Man, I think football can be so selfish sometimes.

So we’ll move on to soccer, which of course is called FOOTBALL over in England, where the  English Premiere League  is played. We are coming to the end of the 9month League season. In the European League, each of 20 teams play each other twice. A team is given 3-points for a win and 1-pt for a tie (draw). If two or more teams have the same number of points at the end of the 38game season, there are factors used to separate them. It’s pretty straight forward…whichever team has the most points at the end, wins it all. There are no playoffs –  so this is the juicy part of the season. Here is an update on League leaders and remaining games.

In MLS, soccer commissioner Don Garber confirmed the league’s plans to expand from 20 to 24 teams by 2018, and to 28 teams by an unspecified timetable. Sacramento, Detroit, St. Louis and San Diego are all in the running.

For all MLS soccer scores and updates…check here.

In other news….

It was a great night in the NBA and the state of California last Wednesday. In Los Angeles, Kobe Bryant scored 60 points in his last NBA game. It was an amazing ending to an amazing 20yr career. Up in Sacramento, The Golden State Warriors ended an amazing season with their 73rd win, surpassing the 1995-96 Bulls.

In women’s basketball, Loyola University Chicago announced Friday they will be investigating complaints made against women’s basketball coach Sheryl Swoopes following a mass exodus of players from the program. According to the Chicago Tribune, 10 of the team’s 12 returning players have transferred, or put in requests to be released from their scholarships – this, after 5 players transferred after last season. Sources say team members were not happy with Swoopes’ treatment of individual players. Swoopes, a four-time WNBA champion and three-time Olympic gold medalist, who was hired by Loyola in 2013 with very little coaching experience, is said to be cooperating fully.  Hmmmm….as Colonel Clink would say, “Veeeery interestink.”

And because I want to hit that #SportBitsFashion theme again, let’s check out a couple NBA stars and their “Game 1 Arena Arrival Outfits” or #G1AAO :

Russell Westbrook, from the Oklahoma City Thunder, made a bold choice going with the simple white T and wide-leg fisherman pants for his arrival. Gotta have some stones to rock this one…and he does…rock it that is.


#KingJames sticks with the all-business attire. He’s focused (and reportedly off social media for the playoffs..thank goodness) and his outfit reflects that. #allbiz



That’s it folks. As I write this, I have Pro Bowling on in the background. Clearly I need help. Please post any advice or comments below – or on facebook, twitter and instagram. Thanks for stopping by…see you next Monday. #SportBitsOut

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