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Happy spring, sports fans! There’s a lot happening in the sports world right now but what has my attention is the NBA Playoffs. The eighty-two game season has come down to the four best teams and for the next few weeks you can watch them battle it out to see who’s crowned the championship title. Even if you’re not an NBA fan, it’s a great time to check in. The competition is fierce and the fans are fanatic.

What I love about the playoffs is seeing what the players wear into the basketball arenas. They call it the Concrete Runway. Players enter the stadiums decked out in their best outfits and strut down the walkways giving everyone a glimpse of their personal style. Photographers are there to catch it all to send out to the world on social media.

I think it’s fascinating to see what these athletes wear when the cameras are on. Out on the court they wear their team uniforms strictly following NBA policy,  but pre and post-game they can wear anything and they usually do not disappoint.

My favorite style flex this playoff season comes courtesy of Cleveland Cavalier LeBron James. Before Game 3 of their first-round match with the Indiana Pacers, the entire Cavs team arrived on the de facto red carpet wearing the same gray suit, cardigan sweater, socks, boots and aviator glasses – all purchased by James. Players were fitted for the custom suits designed by American fashion designer Thom Browne and they definitely made a statement.

Other players competing for the “best-dressed award” IMO are Russell Westbrook, James Harden, and Kevin Durant. These guys consistently show up looking cool and classy, giving me one more reason to think that in the world of professional athletics, basketball is at the top of the style pile.

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