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Big sigh of relief… The Cleveland Cavaliers found their shooting arm, LeBron scored 32, and the Cavs walloped the Warriors in Game 3 of the NBA Finals last night. From the start of the game the Cavs dominated, building a 20pt lead in the first quarter. Steph Curry had another off-night with 19pts and 6 turnovers. I just want a flippin’ game where both teams are playing well…this series has been a snoozefest. Through 3 games, the average margin of victory is 26pts. #dramafree


Five time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova was suspended two years by the International Tennis Federation on Wednesday for doping, a ban she called “unfairly harsh.” She plans to appeal. In a statement on her Facebook page Sharapova said:

 “While the tribunal concluded correctly that I did not intentionally violate the anti-doping rules, I cannot accept an unfairly harsh two-year suspension. The tribunal, whose members were selected by the ITF, agreed that I did not do anything intentionally wrong, yet they seek to keep me from playing tennis for two years. I will immediately appeal the suspension portion of this ruling to CAS, the Court of Arbitration for Sport.”

A two-year ban, when everyone seems to agree that Sharapova didn’t know the substance, Meldonium, had been banned, seems a little harsh. Nike agrees…and they are sticking with her. Porsche is awaiting the appeal decision. Tag Heuer cut ties but MAY work with her again, and Avon said “see ya – wouldn’t want to be ya.”


The MLB Draft starts tonight…is 40 rounds.. and lasts for of 3 days. You can watch on MLB Network and MLB.com. #yawn

A day after Yordano Ventura zinged a 99mph fastball at Manny Muchado – causing a bench-clearing brawl – the Kansas City Royals are reportedly reaching out to other teams to trade the controversial pitcher. Apparently Ventura’s attitude and immaturity seem to be the catalyst for the trade talk..that, and the series of on-field altercations he’s created over the last couple of season by hitting opposing batters. #thehell

Snoop Dogg threw out the first pitch at the Padre game yesterday. God love him…


Ok. That’s it. So now you know…

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