The Curry 5


Happy 2019! It’s a New Year and my resolution is to be more like Riley Morrison. Riley saw a problem and went right to work to try and fix it. Here’s the scoop.

Last month nine-year-old Riley and her dad went shopping for new sneakers for her upcoming basketball season. She knew exactly what she wanted: Under Armour’s Curry 5. The Curry 5 is Golden State Warrior superstar Stephen Curry’s signature shoe. But when she and her dad logged on to the girl’s section of the Under Armour site, the shoes were not available in girl’s sizes.

This did not sit well with Riley. She immediately wrote a letter to Curry and explained that she wanted the Curry 5 because she was a big fan of his and enjoyed going to Warriors games with her dad. She also pointed out that the shoes were only available in boy’s sizes and were customizable. “Girls want to rock the Curry 5’s too,” she wrote.

The power of social media took over when her dad posted the letter on Instagram. Curry immediately responded, tweeting “I appreciate you helping us get better Riley! We got you.” He also posted a handwritten note of his own:

Curry quickly worked with company to fix the problem and the shoes are now available on the Under Armour website in the girl’s section. According to CBS News’ Michelle Miller, Riley couldn’t be happier. “Girls play basketball too and it’s not any more important for boys than girls,” she said.

Riley will now be able to order her Curry 5’s and Steph has promised her she’s first in line for the Curry 6 when they come out. He’s also invited her to a special event on International Women’s Day in March. I can’t wait to see what that is.

I’m hoping that in this new year when I see a problem, an injustice, or something that doesn’t feel right, I will speak up, respectfully, to try and change it. I’m hoping we can all communicate respectfully with one another and listen to each other’s ideas and opinions. Because that’s what Riley did. She saw something that she thought wasn’t fair and took action. Good on you Miss Riley!!

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