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Here’s what people are saying about #SportBits!

“I’m a sports-talk and ESPN junkie. I love to follow #SportBits because Mary has her finger on the pulse of the sports world. #SportBits is often my first alert to breaking news.”
– Jeff Walker, Owner Mantiques Network

“As a single mom with an (almost) teenage boy, #SportBits has thankfully turned me into a cool sports mom. I don’t follow sports and was desperate for sound bytes and programming info when my son came home from school mortified that he missed watching the Super Bowl! #SportBits is now my daily go to for news, scores, trivia, humor and all things sports.”
– Cissy Chandler, Hermosa Beach, CA

“I was gettiing tired of losing clients to my co-worker because I couldn’t talk sports. #SportBits gives me just enough information so I can carry on a conversation if I need to!”
– Dawn Hunkin, Partner at von Bluecher, Blea, Hunkin, Inc. Los Angeles

“I like knowing what’s going on in sports and #SportBits makes it really easy to stay informed. It’s fun when I know more than the boys do.”
– Sarah Hayes, high school student

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