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by M. Mattison @ HerDaily.com

Mary Coyne learned early on that paying attention to sports would serve her well.

“I’m one of five girls and realized a great way to connect with my dad was to sit down and watch the game with him,” remembers Mary.

Her parents took Mary and her sisters to various sporting events – mostly those involving Syracuse University. She remembers many times, while sitting at the dinner table, her dad saying, “Who wants to go to the basketball game tonight?” and off they’d head to Manley Field House.

Whether it was regular season football games, Bowl games or the Big East basketball tournament in New York City, sports – as both a participant and spectator – were a huge part of her childhood.

img_1918-2-300x300Mary and her family at the Fiesta Bowl.

“Maybe because dad didn’t have any sons,” she says. “We all – intentionally or otherwise – paid attention to sports; some of us more than others!”

So it’s not surprising that Mary, who has a Masters degree in TV & Film from Syracuse University Newhouse School of Public Communications, has found her way to #SportBits – her sports brand that aims to provide those who don’t know a lot about what’s happening in the sports world get a little bit of information so they don’t feel left out.

Whether it’s a mom who wants to bond with her kids or spouse, or someone hoping to connect with a co-worker or client, bonding over sports can often lead to good things.

“There have been any number of times when my sports knowledge has helped me both personally and professionally. In an interview, business meeting, or social event, knowing just a little bit of info can go a long way. It’s not fun being left out of the conversation because you don’t know what the big game is,” explains Mary.

Mary and Caitlyn Jenner

When asked about her favorite interview, Mary doesn’t hesitate. “Caitlyn Jenner, without a doubt. I stalked her in the Chicago airport and she couldn’t have been nicer,” remembers Mary.

Mary loves talking sports, especially on social media. She says her Twitter account is like a virtual sports bar where she can connect with others on various sports topics.

“I love sitting down with a beer and hopping on Twitter while I watch a live sporting event,” says Mary. “I’m part of a cyber sports community and it’s fun to chat it up and follow along with my Twitter friends.”

Currently, #SportBits runs weekly on HerDaily.com. She also is a contributor to FanSided.com, covering Los Angeles sports, and has a weekly sports segment on Jazzo’s World – an Internet radio program out of Philadelphia. You can follow #SportBits on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

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